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Win Free Tickets To Gareth Emery

Artist Spotlight: Louis Vivet

Nicolas II and Aria S, aka Louis Vivet, have effectively risen the ranks of Los Angeles’ burgeoning dance collective after a seminal breakthrough year. The duo boast a sound that’s founded on house music, one that also possesses clear influences from deep/UK styles, progressive house, and pop. LV’s live performances have resonated with audiences, highlighted by a diverse track selection that reflects their artistic diversity. When they aren’t producing or performing, you’ll find LV working on new graphics or visuals to enhance their live shows. In the vein of Feed Me, Nicolas II oversees the art direction and overall brand, having studied design at USC’s Roski School of Fine Arts. LV brings listeners into their own carefully constructed universe with their heavy emphasis on narrative storytelling, one that they communicate clearly through their art and music.


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