EMC Icon Tommie Sunshine Returns To Orlando!

EMC Icon Tommie Sunshine Returns To Orlando!

An Electronic Music Culture icon, Tommie Sunshine has been leaving his imprint on the scene for over 20 years, releasing popular dance music remixes ranging from Mindless Self IndulgenceFall Out BoyPanic at the DiscoHellogoodbyeP.O.D., Shiny Toy GunsKaty Perry and many more. Covering ground as artist, remixer, producer, label owner, DJ, journalist and songwriter with his unexplainable DJ sets and legendary live performances, his progressive dance tunes will have you dancing all night. Tommie’s take on the scene is one that is quite respectable, being an activist and advocate for the Electronic Music Culture. He has inspiring views based off the roots of the scene, usually represented as PLUR.

Here’s an excerpt from Tommie Sunshines’ Huffington Post blog explaining PLUR from his perspective:

“PEACE: We are talking peaceful gatherings upwards of 100,000 people. This is not the Saturday night violence that comes with alcohol-fueled ego clashes in drinking holes across America; the only “raging” here is to the music and the only war we are interested in fighting for is to ensure our right to do so.

LOVE: We choose love before all things, nourishing our souls with the positive side of things rather than letting ourselves fade into darkness. We understand that all you need is love and love is all you need.

UNITY: Those involved in our scene feel a spiritual bond towards each other and towards other people in general. We all know full well we are involved in something much bigger than us & this is the essence of what we celebrate.

RESPECT: Imagine being in a crowd of 10,000 people and being able to turn to any stranger and strike up an in-depth conversation about anything on the spot. Imagine being so free and happy that you would give any stranger a bottle of water, a hug, or simply just a smile, expecting nothing in return. A decision has been made to treat each other a certain way which carries over into everyday life (as do all 4 of these points). “


“Everyone deserves to experience the joy we experience on the dance floor as the bass line drops. Come on in! The music is great, the people are warm and we’ve got a spot saved for you on the floor.”

-Tommie Sunshine