HTG Social Media Promoters

HTG Social Media Promoters

Thank you for singing up for the HTG Social Media Team!

Two simple steps – some of these programs are in BETA as we are testing new technology. Please if you have any problems or hiccups contact Jeff so he can work out the bugs with you. Be patient!!

Two things to do here to be active

  1. Sign up for our text messaging system. This is so we can immediately text you important things to post or reward information. It is two way – so you can ask us questions back. We try to only send 1-2 text messages a day. Sign up here pleaseĀ
  2. The second part is to sign up for CREWFIRE. This is a web based program (no apps to install) that allows us to send you emails with structured posts. Crewfire connects via a facebook and twitter app to your social media accounts. It does not do anything automatically.. it only connects so we can see your posts (how many ppl like/comment/share/click links/etc). You must enter your posts manually (or copy and paste the structures ones we make for you). Sign up for Crewfire hereĀ

Thats it! We will send you what we want you to post. A good Social Media promoter will also take content from our facebook/instagram/twitter and push it on all feeds. We don’t have systems for Instagram – but we do reward those we see doing some ‘damage’ so to speak. That’s it! Make sure you have fun!