Social Media Team Sign Up

Social Media Team Sign Up

Join the HTG team!

We love fans that are passionate about music – so much that we have set up a Social Media Team to help promote and earn rewards!

*please note we are a forward thinking company and we are currently BETA TESTING new software that doesn’t always work right. Please be patient if you are experiencing any technical difficulties and please talk to Jeff so he can try to work you through them and/or fix any bugs!*


Two steps here that are pretty easy

  1. sign up for our text messaging (SMS) system. This is so we can bulk text message our team and respond to questions. We normally only text 1-2 times a day with special instructions on what to post or rewards we have in store for you! You sign up here :
  2. sign up for Crewfire. Crewfire is an awesome new program we use that allows us to see our entire social media team and what they do. It will “connect” via  facebook/twitter app to your social media account. Don’t worry it doesn’t auto post or do anything without your permission. What crewfire does allow us to see is when you post what we ask you to. It shows us how many likes/comments/and shares you get. It a nutshell it is like a klout for our street team. Sign up to crewfire here and make sure to link your fb and twitter if you have it:

Thats it! We will send you SMS messages and Crewfire posts – usually about 1 a day. It takes seconds to do as we ask. Cut and paste our crewfire message and post. Edit it to add your personalized touch if you like.  You posting quickly with the rest of the team really helps HTG Events social media work effectively and we will reward you with points/tickets/and other awesome rewards! You can always text back to the HTG SMS system with questions – or reach out to Jeff on FB.

Bonus: We also have a HTG Events app in your iphone/google store for your smartphone. Download this and share it with your friends.