3 Fact About What So Not

3 Fact About What So Not

We were reading and watching a few interviews with What So Not, and they were actually pretty interesting! Here are three facts that we thought would be pretty sweet to share with you.

1. Given the fact that Coachella has been one of the most talked about festivals the last few weeks, this fact might not come to a surprise to anyone and most of you might already know, but this set is way too great not to share. What So Not played Coachella this year and it was actually pretty awesome. Check the set out below!

2. With such a strong hip-hop influence in their music, it might come to a shock to most of you that hip-hop was never really an ideal choice of music for What So Not, according to an interview on Nest HQ. Actually, dance music wasn’t really a musical listening choice for What So Not back in the day either! We’re glad the switch was made, though. What So Not’s music is definitely a favorite of ours.

3. What So Not has released the first single off an upcoming EP! Featuring the vocals of George Maple, Gemini has those slow synth-lines that will invade your ear drums in the most melodic of ways. Check it out below!

From Life in Color to Coachella, you really don’t want to miss this What So Not Orlando show. Get with a local promoter or grab your tickets here and let’s have some fun! Also, we just launched a meet and greet, so enter here for your chance to win!

Are you excited?!