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Snailed It! Tacos, Mosh Pits and Vomit Step

Snailed It! Tacos, Mosh Pits and Vomit Step

A little under a week ago, all of us here in Orlando were visited by our favorite member of the Mollusca family. Yes, Snails made his way to Venue 578 for an unforgettable show. To start the night off right, ten lucky HTG Events contest winners went backstage to hang out and eat some tacos […]


Gareth Emery: Drive, an American Roadtrip Tour!

Trance sensation Gareth Emery will be hitting the decks 11/13/2014 at Firestone Live in Orlando, Florida. Gareth will be presenting his “Drive an American Roadtrip Tour”. There will be a limited amount of early bird tickets at $15.00 GA and $25.00 VIP, on sale will be Wednesday 07/30/2014 at 1p.m. EDT. Check us out on […]