Ummet Ozcan: Join the #OZCLAN

Ummet Ozcan: Join the #OZCLAN

If you have already heard the news, consider this your friendly reminder. The Dutch/Turkish producer, Ummet Ozcan, is headed our way on Saturday, September 5th!


The Man Behind the Name

Ummet Ozcan is a very beloved artist within the dance music scene. Ranging from trance to techno to big room electro, this man knows exactly what it is his fans are wanting and never seems to fail. From his live sets to his producing skills behind the scenes, we are very excited to have someone with this talent in Orlando!

Having collaborations with Calvin Harris, Nervo, W&W and Paul van Dyk, there isn’t a need for an explanation as to why he was booked. The demand he creates where ever he goes proves that his music and live mixing skills are most definitely sought after by many.

A Switch in Sound

We have been reading up on Ummet Ozcan for a while here at the office, and we’ve been able to catch up on some pretty awesome stuff about this guy. As we mentioned previously, Ummet has been known for making highly noticeable switches in his music style. We love the fact that producers switch their sounds and continue creating music that comes from the heart. During our reading, we found an awesome interview with Club Planet where they went a little deeper on this subject.

Club Planet: Going back and listening to your music over a couple of years, you were kind of a techno, trance guy but you have gone really big room over the last two years or so. Why the sudden change in sound?
Ummet Ozcan: I get this question a lot and actually, before trance, I was more into techno stuff. I just enjoy changing my sound and style every now and then. I always say that you don’t drive the same car for twenty years or wear the same t-shirt. I started making techno and more melodic stuff, and so I got more into the trance scene. Over the last two years, I wanted to try something new again but I always try to keep my own signature so that you will always know that it is me, just with a different style. Next year we may slightly change it again.

Join Us and the Rest of  the #OZCLAN

On Saturday, September 5th, Ummet Ozcan will be heading to Gilt Nightclub here in Orlando and this is something that you can’t miss! With his new single “Stars“, making waves on Beatport, we know this show is going to be something special. The #OZCLAN is coming out in full force for this show, and we hope that you join the forces and help in making this night one that we, including Ummet, will never forget! This Ummet Ozcan Orlando show is bound to be something awesome and we will see you there!