Welcome To Panda Funk

Welcome To Panda Funk

What is Panda Funk?

Having originated from a vision by Deorro, Panda Funk is a record label dedicated to changing the rules of the record industry. This movement is different than the typical label by working to keep music authentic. Panda Funk does this by allowing their artists flow freely with their ideas and build upon their own sound. Something we definitely feel has been lost in the music scene today.

This is a movement

When one thinks of Panda Funk, we don’t blame them for going straight to thinking of all things Deorro. He did create it, however there is so much more to it than just one person. It’s an entire movement, it’s all about the music and attempts to reach the goals of sharing inspiring individuals unique musical talents with the world. Those involved with Panda Funk do it for the love that they have for the music they create and the passion they have to share it with all of us.

What Makes Panda Funk Different?

At an artist’s earliest stages, Panda Funk helps them create and master their music with the ultimate goal of releasing it for a global audience. With distribution help from the Universal Music Group, this label has grown as a way to display talented artists and their music for the world to hear.

Our mission is to discover up-and-coming talent, develop these artists, and share their art with the world. We seek to empower our artists, nurture their careers, extract and protect their creativity, and help them reach their full potential.

Are you part of the Panda Fam?

In a recent interview with Boston EDM Events, Deorro explains just what it means to be part of the Panda Fam and the significance behind it all.

It’s a family who supports one another, and supports real talent, and does it all for the love. Theres is a lot of money hungry people out there who are doing music just because it’s the cool thing to do because there is money involved. Pandafam is a family who supports the underdogs, believes in them, and gives them a chance as well. It’s unfortunate because there are SO MANY talented people out there who don’t have the opportunity and they are surrounded by darkness, and I want to be able to shine a light on them. I want to shine a light on the people who are overshadowed by the people who do it for money and fame. I want to give an opportunity to those types of people.

The Panda Funk Orlando Tour

Now that you have the jist of just what this is, I think it’s time we tell you the good news about this tour hitting Orlando. June 11th you can catch the Panda Funk family at Venue 578 for a night that’s going to be filled with talented artists sharing their music with all of us. Oh! And don’t forget to enter for your chance to win a meet and greet with the Panda Fam!

It’s time to get funky!