What’s Your Favorite Zeds Dead Remix?

What’s Your Favorite Zeds Dead Remix?

We know you all love the Zeds Dead, Somewhere Else EP. We do too, and it’s definitely an office favorite. But, have you checked out the remixes?

No? Well, we should probably warn you, as these remixes are nothing to mess with. They have had us dancing since the moment they were released.

With awesome sounds from Valentino Khan, Hunter Siegel and Neon Steve, you won’t be disappointed. There’s no way that you can sit still while listening to these, because we know we couldn’t.

We have Zeds Dead visiting Orlando on August 6th, and we’d highly suggest getting your ticket asap. Every performance this duo gives, always leaves us wanting more, so don’t miss this Zeds Dead Orlando show!


What’s your favorite Zeds Dead remix?