Can You Guess Who’s Coming to Orlando?

Can You Guess Who’s Coming to Orlando?

We have got yet another amazing show gracing Orlando within the next few weeks and it’s definitely not one that you are going to want to miss. Go ahead, take a guess at who we are bringing!

Here are a few hints:

  • We all know and love them.
  • Based on their previous performances at Safe in Sound and their show back in April, this new tour is going to be something epic.


Have you guessed yet? Well, we’ll just tell you.

Adventure Club.

*Insert squeals*


Yep, on October 3rd, which is a Saturday and makes it even more epic, our beloved duo will be heading back to Orlando on their When Darkness Falls 2015 Tour. Awesome, right? Yeah, we knew you would be just as hype as we are.

Just a few weeks ago, our guys were heading to Electric Zoo to perform what turned out to be one of their greatest sets to date. We left you their Superheroes Anonymous 7: Road to Electric Zoo mix below and because we love you so much, we also included their set from Electric Zoo… One of our personal favorites.


Superheroes Anonymous 7: Road to Electric Zoo

Adventure Club Live at Electric Zoo 2015

Thank us later.

Now, we want to make sure that you and your shuffle squad are ready to go, so grab yours tickets as soon as humanly possible, because if you know anything about Adventure Club and Orlando, it’s that this show WILL SELL OUT. We love our guys and they love us, so it’s no surprise that they love Orlando so much they come back to visit often!

Grab your tickets here and we shall see you at this Adventure Club Orlando show!