Our Top 3 Yellow Claw Sets

Our Top 3 Yellow Claw Sets

There’s a lot that goes into an artist preparing their sets for shows and festivals. Here at HTG Events, we definitely appreciate a producer(s) that is able to keep the crowd excited while dropping the best music that they can.

We have yet to see or hear Yellow Claw fall short of an amazing set and we are pretty excited that they will be in town on Saturday, June 13th. In honor of this awesome show making it’s way to Venue 578 for all of us electronic music lovers here in Orlando, we decided to share with you our top three Yellow Claw sets.

EDC Las Vegas 2014

It shouldn’t come to a surprise that they absolutely threw down at EDC Las Vegas last year and they continued this trend through the rest of the year into 2015.

Ultra Music Festival 2015

A home state festival, one of the biggest in the world and known for the epic producers, DJs and various artist they bring into Miami during Miami Music Week. Yellow Claw proves yet again that they are worthy of playing the biggest festivals in the world such as UMF.

Coachella 2015

Coachella just recently ended, and the sets that we heard have been incredible. After listening to Yellow Claw‘s musical talent pour through our speakers,  we got even more stoked for their upcoming show in Orlando.

All of this music talk has got us super excited and we hope it has you feeling the same!

Catch us all tearing it up at Venue 578 on June 13th for this Yellow Claw Orlando show!