Orlando Trance Family Unite!

Orlando Trance Family Unite!

If you don’t know, now you do! The Trance Man himself, Dash Berlin, posted a new hour mix for Sirius XM a few days ago and honestly, it’s just the bees knees. It contains just the right amount of that progressive, electro and trance feel that we all expect and love from him. Check the mix out below, I’ve already listened about four times and I have yet to even begin to get sick of it.

We have Mr. Dash Berlin heading over to Venue 578 on March 6th to give Orlando Dashers yet another night filled with smiles, love and passion for trance music lovers alike. You can grab your tickets here and secure your night with the EDC Las Vegas 2014 headliner himself.

There is something amazing that comes into play when you can get a group of people to celebrate a genre of music in such unison and that is exactly our goal with this HTG Event. The feelings that run through you when your hands are high in the sky, your eyes are closed and you feel the music pulsing through your veins… All of this will be the entirety of this show, so if this is your cup of tea, I would definitely not be the one to miss just what Dash Berlin has in store for us.

Bring your friends and come experience one of the greatest trance producers in one of the most intimate settings that you can. Dash Berlin has played festivals all over the world and even closed out EDC Las Vegas this past year, of which I attended. And if I may add, his set was one of the best of the entire weekend.

If you haven’t already bought your ticket, you really should consider doing it soon as they are selling fast. All of my Trance Family have their tickets already, so be sure to go here and get yours!

I can’t wait to get my trance pants on and I really do hope that you join our Trance Family for the night! This Dash Berlin Orlando show will be nothing short of an incredible experience!