Slander, The Innovators Of “Heaven Trap”

Slander, The Innovators Of “Heaven Trap”


Though this duo doesn’t necessarily base all of the music played during their live sets off of their Heaven Trap genre, it is safe to say that this new type of music consisting of mixing and melting various genres together has definitely gotten the attention that it deserves.

There are certain genres of music that, regardless of what the public and media have to say about it, have continued to remain relevant in today’s dance music scene.

Trance is one of these time transcending genres and with the mixture of this and trap, Slander has exploded into the dance music scene at full force. Their powerful chords create emotion within their music and allow listeners to escape into their own worlds for even only a few minutes.

We had Snails here Orlando a few weeks ago, and with his self proclaimed genre of “VOMITSTEP“, it’s great to see more and more artists blending and creating their very own styles of music where they are free to express themselves truly and whole heartedly.


Together, Derek & Scott have taken the best parts of genres and created something special. With releases such as their Seven Lions, Ellie Goulding – Don’t Leave (Slander Heaven Trap Edit) and playing the MainStage at Nocturnal Wonderland this past year, these headliners are ready to give Orlando a night filled with awesome memories.

In a recent interview with Your EDM, the guys explain their goals and musical styles.

Scott: Our goal is to keep releasing music (both festival, energetic trap and Heaven Trap) and hopefully hop on tour with some bigger artists so that we can start playing for our fans in other parts of the US.

Derek: In the next 6 months we are going to release ALOT on new songs. We are going to develop Heaven Trap into a genre of its own while still bringing the festival bombs constantly. We want to show our diversity while still keeping the ideas cohesive.


Contact a local promoter or grab tickets for you and your friends here and let’s get ready to spend a night with one of our scenes most up and coming producers.

Check out Slander’s Seven Lions, Ellie Goulding – Don’t Leave (Slander Heaven Trap Edit) below:

And if you’re interested, here is their set from Nocturnal Wonderland last year. It’s only thirty minutes because they were asked, last minute, to play on MainStage due to Nicky Romero arriving late. It’s pretty great, so check it out while you’re getting ready to head to Gilt Nightclub for the Slander Orlando show!

We’ll see you on Saturday!